The Sower - 16"x20" - This painting was inspired by the parable of the sower. Caught up the whirlpool of our busy lives, we can often be distracted from the consequences of our actions. Could there be a natural poetic justice to the cause and effect of our actions? What we sow is indeed what we reap.- I am sorry that this painting has been sold - Please do get in touch if you would be interested in a limited edition print of this image.

Reflection - 20"x24" - This painting encapsulates the joy of reflection illustrates the importance that it has in our lives. Almost every event in our lives can look quite different when we reflect on it and our future is determined by the actions taken as a result.

This painting is available for sale - £1000 - free UK delivery


The lock - 6'x8' - Inspired by my love of water this painting considers the sweep of time and of fortune, past, present and future.- This painting is currently on loan to a private collector. - Please do get in touch if you would like further details.

Lime and Lemons - 10"x14" - Oil on board. I was inspired by the sweeping patterns of the fabric that echoed the shape of the lemons in many different planes across the painting. I often paint my frames with the colours from my palette ensuring pinpoint colour accuracy that cannot be achieved any other way.

Available for sale - £500 -  free UK delivery.

After the storm - 120cmx120cm - Oil on Canvas. A couple on London Bridge inhale freshness and hope of renewal in the aftermath of a storm. The subtle balance of warm and cool light is what interested me most when painting this picture.

Available for sale - £700 - free UK delivery.

Self portrait - 12"x12" - Oil on Canvas. The image is blurred and distorted through a fabulous antique looking glass in my studio through which you can also see the reflection of the still life.

Available for sale - £450 - free UK delivery .


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